Motivate East has lots of sports equipment to let people try out new sports in East London.

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This equipment can be hired for free from Motivate East for your sports club or organisation.  Below is a few examples of just some of the sports equipment we have. Contact us HERE to find out the full list of what’s available and how you can hire some to try out.


Multi-Sport Wheelchairs – Wheelchairs are used in lots of sports including wheelchair basketball (pictured below) and wheelchair tennis. You can take part in wheelchair sports even if you do not need to use a wheelchair everyday.


Adaptive Bikes – Adaptive bikes are bicycles, tricycles and hand cycles that have been specially designed to be used by riders with a range of impairments.

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Sitting Volleyballs and Nets – All the equipment required to play a game of sitting volleyball between two teams including volleyballs, mats and nets.

Sitting Volleyball2

Archery Equipment – We have all the archery equipment you need in order to practice  safely including bows, arrows and the big targets you aim for to get points.


Don’t forget, we have lots more equipment than shown above so you can try out lots of other sports too. Contact us HERE to find out what else we have available