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Rowing-940x315Adaptive rowing – Have fun on the water with equipment made for disabled people

archery-sport1-940x315Archery – Test your aim and strength with archery

Atheletics-940x315Athletics – A lot to choose from, athletics is something you can try at clubs all over London

Badminton-940x315Badminton – Badminton is a sport that is open to all disabled people

BMX-940x315BMX – BMX riding is an exciting way to keep fit

Boccia-940x315Boccia – a game that is accessible to all and tests your aim, Boccia is very popular

Boxing-940x315Boxing – Test your speed and aim in the ring

Canoeing-940x315Canoeing – build strength and have fun on the water

climbing-940x315Climbing – great for building strength

Cricket-940x315Cricket – one of the most popular sports in the world, cricket is a great team activity

Cycling1-940x315Cycling – thanks to special equipment, cycling is open to everyone

Dance-940x315Dancing – Dance is an activity that is available to all, and is a great way to stay in shape.

sailing-940x315Sailing – a great way to get out on the water and take part in some really fun activities

Football-940x315Football – one of the most popular sports in the world, football is a good way to keep fit and have fun with your friends

Fustal-940x315Futsal – a kind of football played indoors where skill is more important than in traditional football

Goalball-940x315Goalball – for those with visual impairments, but available to everyone, the aim of goalball is to throw the ball in your opponent’s goal

Golf-940x315Golf – test your aim and have a nice day out in the countryside

Gymnastics1-940x315Gymnastics – A sport that teaches balance and flexibility

Handball-940x315Handball – becoming more popular all the time, handball is a lot of fun to play with friends

Hockey-940x315Hockey – fast moving and a lot of fun, hockey is a great sport to play in a team

Iceskating-940x315Ice skating – test your balance and bravery as you speed across the ice

wheelchair-tennis-940x315Tennis – available to wheelchair users and non wheelchair users, tennis is lots of fun and a great way to keep fit

Indoor-rowing-940x315Indoor rowing – available to a wide range of ability levels, indoor rowing is the perfect way to build strength and fitness.

Karate-940x315Karate – karate is a martial art that requires speed, strength and stamina.

Martial-arts-940x315Martial arts – martial arts are a great way to build strength, discipline and stamina – and are open to everyone.

Multisport-940x315Multi-sports – multi-sports gives you the chance to try out a range of sports to see what suits you best, and what you enjoy the most!

netball-940x315Netball – an incredibly popular sport throughout Great Britain, netball is similar to basketball.

Orienteering-940x315Orienteering – if you have a good sense of direction, enjoy being out in the fresh air and like a challenge, then orienteering may be for you.

para-equestrian-940x315Para-equestrian (Horse riding) – since being created in the 1970s, para-equestrian events like dressage have spread across the globe.

polybat-940x315Polybat – designed for competitors with learning or physical disabilities, Polybat is similar in style to table tennis.

Snooker-940x315Pool and snooker -Pool and snooker test the player’s skill.

Powerchair-football-940x315Power-chair football – football for competitors who use powered wheelchairs.

Rambling-940x315Rambling – get out into the countryside experiencing the beautiful scenery and terrain.

rollerskating-940x315Roller skating – Roller skating is a fun way to work on your balance, coordination and strength.

sitting-volleyball-sport-940x315Sitting Volleyball – Created in the 1950s, sitting volleyball is a long established Paralympic sport and is very accessible.

swimming1-940x315Swimming – Open to men and women from every disability group, swimming is not just a great way to get fit, it’s also a lot of fun.

Tablecricket-940x315Table cricket – Table cricket offers the opportunity for people with disabilities the chance to play cricket.

table-tennis-sport2-940x315Table Tennis – a popular Paralympic sport, table tennis is an inclusive, accessible sport that uses special equipment to suit wheelchair users

Wheelchair-basketball-940x315Wheelchair basketball – One of the earliest Paralympic sports, wheelchair basketball is a very popular sport that a lot of people enjoy.

Curling-940x315Wheelchair curling – wheelchair curling is growing in popularity, now being played in 24 countries worldwide.

If you would like to try out any of the sports above, contact us HERE