I volunteered for Newham in January 2012. I thought it was best thing I could do, being as excited as most about the Olympics coming to town.

I started assisting in anyway I could, thoroughly enjoying the experience. I get a real kick out seeing young people run around enjoying themselves! I also realised there was a large programme of sporting activities in Newham, organised by the Newham sports team for the whole community and schools.

I get a real kick out seeing young people run-around enjoying themselves.

I volunteered for as many activities as I could and as my disability would allow. I started to work within the Youth Referral Programme, where I was given the responsibility and the confidence to add any ideas I might have to improve the programme.

I enjoyed volunteering during the Olympics. The air of optimism and the good will most people had was nice to see. I think the philosophy of the Olympic games was fulfilled, with so many young people partaking in the sports provided by Newham.

In Stratford Park, thousands of members of the public were able to participate in sports they’ve never tried before. The Wheelchair Basketball was especially popular.

I was lucky enough to attend the rehearsal opening ceremony of The Games – that blew my mind!  Danny Boyle should be made Prime Minister for that. The only mistake he made was asking Bond to escort the Queen, when I was available.

I’ve never had a problem with my disability, it’s only in the last two years, when I started wearing hearing aids, that the condition became visible.

I have found that people sometimes try to take into account my disability, when communicating with me. Since the Olympics it’s more so. However having applied and attended a few job interviews I realised, perhaps my condition may have been a factor in the unsuccessful applications. I am always honest when answering job application, especially the medical part.

I decided the best way for me to get a job was to Volunteer and let people see my skills

I decided the best way for me to get a job was to volunteer and let people see my skills. I have both academic and vocational qualifications in sports including basketball and tennis, thanks to ActiveNewham.

Working with ActiveNewham is a great opportunity for me develop. Sometimes the best way forward is to establish oneself through volunteering.