Motivate East has a selection of portable and accessible sports equipment to provide new opportunities to participate in sport across east London

With this equipment, which we loan to groups interested in trying new sports, we aim to enhance and activate existing or dormant spaces, creating appropriate settings for disability sports opportunities to take place.

Girl on a bike

Girl on a bike outside the stadium


We recognise that there is a wealth of coaching expertise in east London but that in some cases the cost of equipment prevents activity from taking place.

With support from Motivate East Para-Legacy Agent and Inclusive Coaching Bursary programmes Motivate East has placed hundreds of pieces of equipment in a range of locations including day centres, forensic mental health settings, hospitals and libraries, which are used by thousands of people every year.

Equipment loans range from Boccia sets, to judo mats and sports wheelchairs. Motivate East aims to ensure that a lack of appropriate equipment is not a barrier to people being active.

Please get in touch if you think your organisation or club would benefit from the equipment loan scheme to support our target users.