Betting on the Olympic Games

With the winter olympics games people get to watch some of the most unbelievable and stunning displays of skill and sportsmanship. The events at the games at the winter Olympics take center stage for the duration of 2 weeks and everything about it is just so full of energy and excitement.

The incredible atmosphere built-up by the restless crowd cheering for their countries and the ultra modern aesthetics surrounding the place is keeping you at the edge of your seat every time you watch the contestants compete at their respective categories for the one and only, the gold medal.

So, for the sake of pure excitement value, in order for you to get the best experience out of these events, in case you decide to visit and watch the games in person, we’ve made a list of some of the most thrilling and fun events at the winter olympics games that you might want to consider putting on your list. If you decide to take our list as a form of a short guide on which event to attend so you don’t end up with an underwhelming experience, we’re sure that when this whole thing wraps up, in the end, you’ll have something special.

For those planning to follow the winter olympics games in front of their TVs, it’s the same deal: Be ready to tune in every time one of the mentioned events is about to start and you won’t be disappointed.

Ultimate List of the Most Exciting Winter Olympic Events

Ski Jumping – It’s not your regular boring skiing, watching athletes just monotonously covering distance at a pace. A less common form of skiing, it sure is one of the most excitement-packed events you can watch at the Olympics. With contestants launching themselves off from a steep surface and flying off into the air in order to cover the biggest distance they can before hitting the ground so they can win a gold medal, what’s not to love? A must-watch for adrenaline lovers and thrill-seekers be sure to put this one on your list.

Snowboarding – When we talk snowboarding at the winter olympics games, that means you get to witness pure excitement in all aspects. Fast-paced and packed with style, the dynamics of the event is really something you need to experience it. It really is an event that has become very popular recently and the audience just loves it.

Ice Hokey – As a favourite event for the audience at the winter olympics games, it’s one of the most mainstream sports on the list. If you love high-intensity contact sports then it’s safe to say hockey is a non-stop action. Quick play, hard-hitting, explosive shots. Whistles all around the arena and the action hardly stops; it just picks off immediately no matter what’s happening on the field. There is no slacking in hockey.

Beginners Tips for Betting Strategy & Advice

Before you start placing bets, you should know the basics of online sports betting so you can draw better decisions and actually win more often. Be sure to check the tips on the list first before you jump into a betting frenzy.

  1. Start slow – If there’s one thing everyone should know before placing even a single bet is to go slow. Hold your horses! Don’t start placing bets out of excitement and give some thought to your actions. Make a calculated step and gather as much info as you can before placing a bet to increase your chances of winning.
  2. Choose a sport you know – You don’t have to be an expert or an ex head coach of the junior hockey league in your town, but hey, knowing a thing or two can’t hurt. It’s a no-brainer that if you bet on a sport you know something about or even better, know it really well, the chance to win increases way higher. If you know the sport you will be able to make better choices, and better choices mean more winning.
  3. Be realistic – If you think for a second that you can quit your day job and start living off of your winning bets, let me tell you right now, the chances are pretty slim. It can be a nice hustle on the side and a fun hobby if you know your way around but anything more than that…it’s just a pipe dream.

How to Select The Best Online Betting Site

Betting on the Winter Olympics can be quite fun and maybe even profitable, too, but you first need to know which site to pick. To ensure you have a safe betting adventure, we suggest you use our methodology:

  • Licensed Casino – Selecting a licensed casino will definitely make or break your experience. All licensed betting sites in the UK must own a UKGC stamp. While selecting the best, we suggest you take a look at the header of the  casinos.
  • Event Odds & Types – Signing up with a legitimate casino is worth nothing if you can’t find Winter Olympics odds. This is not something that will happen often, as it is a vastly covered event, but you should ensure that the category is covered before creating an account.
  • Competitiveness – Once the schedule for the Winter Olympics is out, you can start comparing the offers at different betting sites. While most of them will stick to the same or similar odds, the top choice will offer a competitor advantage.

Using Casino Bonuses for Winter Olympics Events

Betting on any kind of sport is better with a dedicated bonus, and the Winter Olympics are no exception to this rule. We suggest you take a look at the bonus offers and ensure that the promo code you like is eligible for the sporting event of your choice.

Newcomers can take a look at the welcome bonus at Betfair, for instance, listed at Top10casino United Kingdom, which usually comes in the form of risk-free bets, while regulars can look for a cashback offer or some odds boosts. Before opting in for any of these, make sure to read the bonus terms and conditions. 

Odds and Betting Types for Winter Olympics Events

To be able to make the most out of your money, it’s important to understand the odds and the betting types offered. First, if you come from the UK, you’re probably used to seeing decimal odds. If that’s not the setup you’re seeing at the moment, we suggest you go to Settings and change it. The odds may be shown in American or French format.

Once you get that right, you can proceed to check the betting types offered. Some betting sites tend to stick to the basic point spreads and moneyline bets, while others include a variety of prop bets with attractive odds. The bigger the variety of betting types, the better your options are!

Best Olympics Betting Sites

With the possibility of placing a free bet at some of the best legal online casino websites and actually winning real money, the whole idea of fun and excitement surrounding the winter Olympics becomes so much better instantly. These casino websites often offer a casino bonus if you are lucky enough to win it, on top of your no-deposit, free placed bet. We all know that sports betting is nothing new and people often do it but have you thought about utilizing one of the most popular winter events and making some profit?

Another brief list one of the best sites to visit and try your luck.

  1. Betway Sports – User-friendly and offering a pretty nice casino bonus and promotions, you can choose from a huge list of sports and payment methods and the possibility to place bets from your phone.
  2. Bet365 – One of the most popular sports betting and online casino websites, you can place bets in any way you want, be it on a team or an individual athlete, picking a losing or a winning side or whatnot, or try your luck on bingo or poker categories.
  3. 888sport – Really diverse and offering a lot of sporting events, 888sport is the website you want to visit to try out your luck in betting.
  4. Bet Online – One of the rare sites where you can place a really interesting bet like the one on Mount Everest, it has the regular bonuses and no deposit bets you can utilize to kick-start your first betting adventure.
  5. Sports Interaction – Last but not least, you sure won’t be disappointed if you visit Sports Interaction looking to place a bet on your favorite games at the winter Olympics.