Our Equipment

Motivate East has a selection of portable and accessible sports equipment to provide new opportunities to participate in sport across the host boroughs.

With this equipment, which we loan to groups interested in trying new sports, we aim to enhance and activate existing or dormant spaces, creating appropriate settings for disability sports opportunities to take place.

Girl on a bike

Girl on a bike outside the stadium

  • Adaptive Bikes – Adaptive bikes are bicycles, tricycles and hand cycles that have been specially designed to accomodate the needs of riders with a range of impairments.
  • Archery Equipment  – including targets, faces, bows, stands, arrows, bracers, vanes and strings/rests/nocks
  • Badminton Sets
  • Boccia Sets – Consisting of six red balls, six blue balls and a white jack, our Boccia sets contain all the necessary components for two people to play a game of Boccia (including Boccia ramps).
  • Cricket Sets – Includes plastic stumps and bat
  • Field Athletics Kit –  Including shot puts, discus, foam javelin, turbo javelin, hammer, steel shots, throwing clubs, hi-stepper hurdles, reverser boards and jumps packs.
  • Football Sound Balls – for visually impaired participants
  • Futsal Balls – Smaller and less bouncy than regular footballs, futsal balls are designed to be used indoors by players who focus on skill above all else.
  • Goalball Kits – Goalball kits include blackout masks and balls with bells inside, everything you need for two teams to play goalball.
  • Judo Mats
  • Medicine Balls
  • Multi-Sport Wheelchairs
  • New Age Kurling Sets – includes kurling disks, pushers, ramps and targets.
  • Polybat Sets – Our polybat sets contain everything necessary to turn a ping pong table into a polybat table, including side panels, balls and bats.
  • Sitting Volleyballs and Nets – All the equipment required to play a game of sitting volleyball between two teams. Including beach volleyballs, balloon balls and cloth covered balls
  • Swimming Equipment – a wide range is available including swimming disks, safety jackets, relax rings, power sticks, aqua support rings, leg floats, hand resistance swim floats, hand paddles fins and swim collars
  • Table Tennis Tables and Bat & Ball Sets – Balls, bats and tables as well as nets, everything necessary for table tennis.
  • Table Top Cricket Sets
  • Tennis Sound Balls – for visually impaired participants
  • Water polo equipment – including Mini-end goals and softy touch balls